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Market Moola - Weekly Draw Details

"Market Moola" is a weekly draw that offers you a chance to win one of five "Market Moola coupons valued at $10 each to spend with any of the WO Market Vendors, excluding the Courtyard Beer and Wine Garden. 

To enter your name for the draw, stop in at the Market tent and fill out a draw ticket. Draws will be held throughout the evening. 

Draw Details:

  1. Collect your $10 coupon at the WO Market main tent located at the entrance to the market.

  2. The coupon must be spent at the Thursday market of the week it was won.

  3. Vendors do not provide change if the item you purchase is less than the $10 value of the coupon.

  4. The coupon cannot be used to purchase alcohol from the Courtyard Beer and Wine Garden.

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