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                                                           We're Back... "In the City"

        Live from the Da Vinci Centre... A whole new Venue & Audience

195 Bay Street, Victoria, BC


1.  2024 - Sundays from June 30th - September 1st (11am - 3pm)

  • All inquiries are reviewed and juried.

  • You must be a pre-registered, paid vendor to sell and participate in the Market. No drop-ins or spontaneous walk-through promotions.

  • You will find updated information on a regular basis on Instagram and Facebook.    @westcoastoutdoormarkets 

2.   Submit an Inquiry:

In order to be considered for participation in the Sunday Market at the Da Vinci Centre, your first step is to submit a detailed inquiry to our email:

 This must include:

  1. specific details about your particular product or item

  2. indicate whether the items are handmade by yourself

  3. include as much information as you can, along with some history about yourself, and your experience with markets

  4. include a good photo representation of your items and your setup, especially if you are a new inquiry

  5. include your contact information

3.   Review and Selection Procedure:

  • Applications are by invitation only - they are not available online.

  • Only those reviewed and selected will be invited. Participation in past Markets does not guarantee a space in subsequent years; everyone must submit a new inquiry each season for review.

  • If selected to receive an invitation to participate, vendors are given a deadline to respond and complete their application process. If there is no response by the required deadline, their inquiry will go on a waiting list, and others will be considered.

4.   Guidelines for Category Selections:

  • Our policy includes limiting the number of vendors represented in any one category. All inquiries are reviewed and juried.  The Sunday Market at the Da Vinci is open to vendors who make, bake or grow their own products and a select group of direct sales, and imports.

  • Participants, in all categories, are juried and reviewed,  and if accepted, are invited to participate,  Some categories will be limited, in order to keep a fair and balanced representation, to the public, and the participant.

5.   Participation and Payment Policy:

  • If selected, you will receive an invitation and application and may choose the dates you wish to attend.  All chosen market dates must be marked on the application.This process requires a pre-payment plan in place, for all chosen dates,   This is required to secure your participation.

  • Attendance and pricing will be based on number of markets, ie: 3 or more markets vs single market. For 3 or more markets and up to 10 (including a discount ), 3 markets must be pre-paid. Single markets must be pre-paid upon acceptance.

  • We do not accept payments on Market Day and we do not have a Drop-in Policy. 

6.   Market Booth:

  • Each vendor booth space is 10ft x 10ft. Each Farmer or Grower booth space is 10ft x 20ft (two spaces)

  • Participants are required to supply their own display material including a tent, tables, and any other materials required.

  • Vendor Setup time is 9:00 am for the market, and we will be open to the public from 11am -3pm. Tear down is until 4pm.

7.   Market Fees: 


  • Vendor/Artisan $100.00 + GST per 10 x 10 (insurance included) based on 3 or more markets pre-paid.

  • Vendor/Artisan $110.00 + GST per 10 x 10 (insurance included) based on single market pre-paid.

  • Food Truck $125.00 + GST per space (insurance included) based on 3 or more markets pre-paid.

  • Food Truck $150.00 + GST per space (insurance included) based on single market pre-paid.

  • Farmer/Grower $100 + GST per 10 x 20 (insurance included) based on 3 or more markets pre-paid.

  • ***Farmers and Growers will receive two 10 x 10 booth spaces***

  • 10% discount given to Vendor/Artisan, if all 10 markets booked.  Paid in advance preferred....but alternate payment options will be considered. Please contact us. 

  •  There is no refund for cancellations, or missed markets.

  • Market Packages and fee options are available with details and included on approved vendors' application forms.

  • Preference will be given to those regular vendors, who book all dates.

  • Our preferred payment method is E-transfer, but will also accept credit cards   

  • These guidelines and policies apply to all categories. 

Please email all inquiries to

Laurie McDermid   250-507-0108

Darren Westwood  250-507-7739

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