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Westcoast Impressions was formed in 1995 by Laurie and Bill (Mac)  McDermid. The company's focus has always been on supporting the arts, entrepreneurs, and small local business. Westcoast Impressions is a private event planning business. 

During the past 27 years, Westcoast Impressions has owned and operated the First and Last Chance Christmas Craft Shows, from 2003 to 2005. They also operated Westcoast Impressions Gallery in Sidney in the early 2000's.   

From 2005 through 2012, Laurie organized and operated, the Sidney Street Market on Beacon Avenue  for a local community organization. 


From 2013 to 2019, Westcoast Impressions, was offered a contract by the Town of Sidney to operate the market on Beacon Avenue.  All market expenses, marketing costs, vendor participation, advertising, insurance, and all business required to operate and create a market on Beacon Avenue, was done, presented and paid for, solely by Westcoast Impressions. That contract is no longer in place. It is no longer feasible, to do business, with the Town of Sidney,  


Please Note:

"As a small independent business, we have always created our events without any assistance from any municipality, group or sponsor. Due to the sign of the times and changes in the market industry, along with current local development restrictions, extreme parking issues, plus the logistical and financial demands at the local town level, it is no longer economically viable, nor logistically feasible, for us to operate a market for the town. Westcoast Impressions will continue to create events, as we have for over 20 years, and bring all our experience, reputation, and professionalism, to everyone we can, and wherever we can. To clarify, Westcoast Impressions is not associated in any way, with the Town of Sidney, or with any market they are proposing for Beacon Avenue."


Most recently, Laurie and her son, Darren, have operated and organized the Westcoast Outdoor Markets at the Mary Winspear Centre for the past 2 years.  It has proven to be a very workable and successful location , and they look forward to the opportunity of working with them this next two years, and into the future. 

Westcoast Impressions works with teams of talented people to organize events and markets. With over 26 years of experience, WCI has a keen understanding of the intricate, and unique elements associated with creating events and market management.

Laurie McDermid and Darren Westwood

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